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Windscreen Repairs

Chips and cracks in a windscreen may be able to be repaired, saving you the cost
of a new windscreen. Sometimes the repair may almost be free!

Please use the information below so you are able to give a clear description of the type and size of damage to the windscreen you have. Please Note; We repair windscreens, we don’t fit glass.

This is a mobile service, so work can be carried out, at your home, or place of work. If you wish to make an insurance claim, you will need your claim/policy number to hand when the repair is done.

Types & Maximum Sizes

Types and Maximum Sizes

Types & Maximum Sizes

Types and Maximum Sizes

Critical Vision Area

Critical Vision Area

Windscreen Tips

Always have chips and cracks to your windscreen repaired ASAP.

Wipe your wiper blades once a fortnight with a damp cloth to help lengthen their life, and prevent scratches on the windscreen.

Replace your wiper blades once a year, Autumn is a good time.

Do Not use water to clear frost from your windscreen, as it can cause the windscreen to crack.

Headlight Restoration

Cloudy or yellowing headlights can reduce the light they are admitting by up to 80%. However, the lens
may be able to be returned to their original specification, saving you the cost of replacement.
This mobile service can be carried out in a workshop or garage, but not outside.

Headlight Restoration Before andAfter

What is headlight restoration?

The headlight lens on your car, are coated, when new, with a clear anti-scratch UV coating. Over time, the UV in the sun, pollution etc, start to breakdown this coating turning it yellow in colour. This can be removed and a new coating applied, bringing the lens back to a clear new look.

Why should I restore my headlights?

When headlights are dulled due to the break down in the UV coating, the strength of the light is reduced considerably. Restoring headlights makes for safer driving especially during the darker winter months.

Is polishing the same?

No. Polishing removing the old coating and buffing up the lens leaving the headlight lens unprotected. This is a very temporary fix to a problem, as the lens will oxidize over time, and start to breakdown or crack with the UV in the sun.

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